Monday, April 8, 2013

easter parade new york city 2013.

Ah. Easter on Fifth Avenue. Surely you are picturing Judy Garland singing about it now. To my surprise our experience wasn't too far off from that very song. We had our Easter bonnets, frills included; Steve was my "grandest fella in the Easter parade" and the photographers did "snap us". I would say about the only differences were the unfortunate lack of horse-drawn carriages and we weren't in the "rotogravure" (whatever that is!). We did get some press, however, so I'm counting it!

As we were headed to the parade with our friends the Glasses, I mentioned that I would be thrilled if we saw Bill Cunningham. He has always been on my list of "top three people I want to meet in New York" (along with Tim Gunn. Only one more to go. Bet you can't guess who.) Well luck was with me that day as right when we were arriving I saw a flash of blue out of the corner of my eye. I pointed and yelled out "Bill Cunningham". You know, like you do. How embarrassing! And even more surprising is he was running to take our photograph! I was so giddy I am sure I messed up all 20 shots with a ridiculous grin. I couldn't believe my eyes. Of any camera in the world I would want to be on the other end of, it would be his.
Our Easter best: My hat came from an antique store in Yardsley, PA where Kristy got the Easter Pram. I made the golden egg on top with three pastel birds peeking out. A few people asked me if they were real. Ha! Steve's hat was passed down by my very stylish father-in-law.
At the Easter Parade you either go to take photos of other people or to get your photo taken. I didn't really expect that. To me it just seemed like the perfect excuse to dress up. We all felt like celebrities with throngs of people surrounding us and cameras flashing every which way.
I noticed a lot of people made bonnets out of manila folders. It was really clever and some of them were very elegant.
We received a lot of unexpected press attention. Steve got pulled aside by a men's fashion blogger from Brazilian Vogue and we all got a kick out of that. Here he is pictured with a photographer from New York Magazine.
These are a few of the captures we found popping up on the internet. We even had a photo on Getty Images that I found on the Huffington Post website. The top left is Steve's feature on the NY Mag website.

We had so much fun and can't wait to return. Next year we better step it up to make it in Bill's slideshow. Wink wink.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ps i sewed this dress.

Images taken by JKB Photography
 My mother is a natural-born seamstress. Everything she touches turns to textile gold, and I like to think my proclivity to create comes from her. Since I was all but born in her handmade garments, I have always wanted to learn how to sew. For my first pattern-based project I chose a Burda dress with a peter pan collar, one of my favorite trends. The love-at-first-sight, albeit slippery, brocade and the collar changed a traditional knit dress into a creation all my own. I easily adjusted the pattern and added several inches to the length. I first constructed a practice dress in two days made of rad Hawaiian print cotton my mom used for matching sarongs in 2002. The final dress hung in my closet shortly after, a true one of a kind. Not bad, right? Maybe the Midas Touch is maternal.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

what to do nyc: roosevelt island tram.

One night when Steve and I were in a cab we spotted the Roosevelt Island tram. I had no idea there was such a thing! I guess you discover much more of the city when you aren't underground once in a while. Later the next week we went with some friends to check it off our bucket list. It was really fun and the views were great...but it literally lasted two minutes each way. I think it would be so fun to live on Roosevelt Island and have views of Manhattan and Long Island City. But boy, hurricanes would have you shaking in your boots! Am I right?
The tram is the perfect adventure if you are wandering around by Bloomies or Dylan's Candy Bar. Maybe stop and get some Patsy's afterward. Mmmm. Patsy's.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

fox scarf.

You guys. I knit a fox scarf. A fox scarf! If I had known as a five-year-old animal junkie that I would someday knit a fox scarf in my twenties I would have given my future-self one epic high five. Who doesn't need a fox scarf in their life? And it was my second knitting project--ever. I think he needs a name but I am in a naming rut where I want to name every inanimate thing Tom Hanks. Don't ask. (My jade plant from Ikea--aka my "dog"--is named Tom Hanks already). I just love him. Any other good ideas? 
P.S. I am wearing Steve's shirt in these photos. I always love how effortlessly Mara, from A Blog About Love, styles her husband's shirts. Also, I have to say this in case scientists have yet to figure this out: buttoning buttons on the opposite side has got to be the best exercise for your brain. Obviously.