Tuesday, March 5, 2013

fox scarf.

You guys. I knit a fox scarf. A fox scarf! If I had known as a five-year-old animal junkie that I would someday knit a fox scarf in my twenties I would have given my future-self one epic high five. Who doesn't need a fox scarf in their life? And it was my second knitting project--ever. I think he needs a name but I am in a naming rut where I want to name every inanimate thing Tom Hanks. Don't ask. (My jade plant from Ikea--aka my "dog"--is named Tom Hanks already). I just love him. Any other good ideas? 
P.S. I am wearing Steve's shirt in these photos. I always love how effortlessly Mara, from A Blog About Love, styles her husband's shirts. Also, I have to say this in case scientists have yet to figure this out: buttoning buttons on the opposite side has got to be the best exercise for your brain. Obviously.


  1. I've tried commenting already, but I'm doing it from my phone, so I'm not sure if its working it not. I'll repeat myself just in case or you could delete this one if you did get my other comment :)

    I totally love it!! It's so cute! I want it!!! Mostly because Todd's name means "fox"...so I think you should name it Todd!! :)

    1. Of course! Todd. So sweet. I had forgotten that's what Todd meant. You need one then!

      Lots of love to all of you! We sure miss you!

  2. Ariel, that scarf is marvelous! I've seen some fox sweaters that I loved but this is just too much. I can't imagine anything else you could make that would be so cute.

  3. Girl my Jason loves to steal my cardigans. But you look amazing! So beautiful in these photos. Those glasses are kickass, that scarf is too adorable, your hair and make up look flawless and that shirt is now yours because you look to perfect in it! :-)
    Also I think I should get rid of my stuff animal collection but after this post I don't know if I can! YIKES!


  4. I am giving you a cyber high-five right now! I'm not sure that there is anything better in life than a fox scarf...especially since you MADE it! Another high five :)
    I think he looks like a Hugo. Or maybe a Ronnald. Or a Fitzgerald. Or Fritz! Ok, I will stop now...because I could go on for a while :)
    I don't blame you for stealing Steve's socks or his shirts! He has good style!

  5. Rubio. And, I think you should take my suggestion since I taught you everything you know
    (about knitting). ; )


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