Thursday, March 7, 2013

what to do nyc: roosevelt island tram.

One night when Steve and I were in a cab we spotted the Roosevelt Island tram. I had no idea there was such a thing! I guess you discover much more of the city when you aren't underground once in a while. Later the next week we went with some friends to check it off our bucket list. It was really fun and the views were great...but it literally lasted two minutes each way. I think it would be so fun to live on Roosevelt Island and have views of Manhattan and Long Island City. But boy, hurricanes would have you shaking in your boots! Am I right?
The tram is the perfect adventure if you are wandering around by Bloomies or Dylan's Candy Bar. Maybe stop and get some Patsy's afterward. Mmmm. Patsy's.


  1. Thats too cool! I love discovering new things about my city. I always feel like "how the freak didn't I know about this?" haha! But thats what keeps it fresh.


  2. There is nothing cooler than gondolas and ski lifts. Just ask Dan, I get more excited to ride a gondola than about anything else in life. We went to Park City a couple years in a row for a bike race of Dan's, and the only thing I remember about them was the free gondola! It's worth any price in my book :)
    I loved the video, it was like I was there with you! And that photo is amazing! I love it!

    oh, and btw, I just got caught up on all your previous posts and I commented on each one :) All the way back to the one where you were knitting on the subway.


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