Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ps i sewed this dress.

Images taken by JKB Photography
 My mother is a natural-born seamstress. Everything she touches turns to textile gold, and I like to think my proclivity to create comes from her. Since I was all but born in her handmade garments, I have always wanted to learn how to sew. For my first pattern-based project I chose a Burda dress with a peter pan collar, one of my favorite trends. The love-at-first-sight, albeit slippery, brocade and the collar changed a traditional knit dress into a creation all my own. I easily adjusted the pattern and added several inches to the length. I first constructed a practice dress in two days made of rad Hawaiian print cotton my mom used for matching sarongs in 2002. The final dress hung in my closet shortly after, a true one of a kind. Not bad, right? Maybe the Midas Touch is maternal.


  1. I miss you, Ariel! I wish you lived by me so you could teach me how to sew.

  2. Cute!! I must and New York were made for each other!

    1. Thanks, Shauna! I do love it here.

  3. you sewed that?!?!?! AMAZING! create a store and sell that goodness!

  4. love it! such a cute cut. and seriously great work. : )

  5. You finished it!!! It looks amazing and the sewing all looks perfect! I think you inherited your mother's talent :) Nice work!


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